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Tuition Information (Pre-K through Middle School)

Tuition Policy 2020-2021

Monthly tuition payments will start in July and conclude in April. Tuition payments are due no later than the 15th of each month, prior to the month of attendance. There will be a $50 late fee if payment is made after the 15th of the month in which the payment is due. If payment is not made by the 22nd of the month, the student will be dropped from Oak Grove and will be required to re-enroll and pay any applicable re-enrollment fee. Tuition payments for those paying in full will not be accepted prior to July.

10 Month Plan


$125 (early) or $150 (regular)


$2699 ($269.90/ month)


$3252 ($325.20/ month)

Multiple Student Discount: A family that enrolls more than one child in the cooperative will receive a discount of 10% from the tuition for any additional children enrolled. Full tuition will be paid for the  child that has the more expensive tuition in the event that the students are enrolled in different programs. This discount only applies to core tuition.

* All tuition payments are due by the 15th of the month. A late fee of $50 will be applied to any outstanding payments on the 16th.

**Payments can be made by ACH (see included form) or personal check.

***Any student wishing to drop must give one month notice. The family is financially responsible for one month post written withdrawal submission (dated by office administration).