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Pre-K through Middle School

Our Partnership
Oak Grove Homeschool Cooperative is a collection of home-schooling parents organized in a cooperative homeschool model through which we hire tutors/teachers. This partnership assists and enhances our children’s educational experience by providing a social and classroom environment. The unique model combines the experience of professional educators and group learning with the flexibility and individual attention of homeschooling.
Core Programs
At Oak Grove, parents and teachers share the responsibility of teaching the students. Although parents are the “teachers of record” and are ultimately responsible, they have the benefit of partnering with professional educators.
For the 2022-2023 academic year, our program offerings are as follows:
  • Grade levels PreK through 8th grade.
    • Each grade level for PreK-4th grade is in a separate classroom.
  • Oak Grove Middle School is 5th-8th grade. The Middle School has three teacher specialists (one for Science/Math, one for History/English Composition, and one for Grammar/Literature), allowing separate subject classes for 5th/6th and 7th/8th. Chapel, Middle School Skills, and extracurricular activities are combined periods/activities for all Middle School grades.
  • Programs available:
    • Red: Monday and Wednesday
    • Blue: Tuesday and Thursday
    • There is also a third day core option available on Friday mornings. This makes it possible for families from both the Red and Blue programs (preK – 8th grade) to select a 2.5-day core program if they wish.
  • Friday U: Oak Grove offers elective classes on Friday afternoons (12:05-2:30). These classes are open to any Oak Grove student as well as other homeschool students. A student registering for Friday U will be able to choose 2 classes to take each semester. Electives offered include such classes as Art, Theatre, Chorus, Lego Building, Computer Coding, Soccer, Dance, and others.
  • Families wanting to register for 3 full days can select the Blue or Red two-day program and the full day on Friday (core and electives).
New student acceptance and placement for each class will be contingent upon an evaluation conducted by designated staff or, if applicable, a recommendation from a previous teacher.