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Friday U Elective Classes

Elective Style Classes for Homeschool Students
Oak Grove offers elective classes on Friday afternoons (12:05-2:30). These classes are open to any Oak Grove student as well as other homeschool students in the community. A student registering for Friday U will be able to choose 2 classes to take each semester. 
Friday U Spring 2021
Please see the list of classes below that will be offered next semester.
Tuition for Friday U is as follows:
Oak Grove students: $330 per semester, Non Oak Grove Students: $350 per semester 
The only exception is the off campus rock climbing class. Tuition for that class is $452.
The registration fee is $30 for 1 student and $45 for 2+ students. This will be paid online.
To register for Friday U click here: Friday U Registration Spring 2021
Some classes are already full and that is reflected on the registration link. Only available classes show up as options. 
To register for Rock Climbing or for specific questions about Friday U, contact Allyson Gibbons at (865) 643-2559 or