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Introduction and Tuition

Our homeschool community is growing, and Oak Grove is eager to support the education of high school homeschooled students and to help prepare them for success after graduation. High school classes will be available on the Monday/Wednesday Co-op schedule, per course. 

Expected class offerings include:

Algebra I and II, and Geometry

American History, World History, Government and Economics

Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science

English I, II, III, IV

French I, and Spanish I and II

Accepting Elective suggestions for the 2023-2024 academic year.

For additional information or touring information contact Elaine.Moore @oakgrovecoop.com.

2023-2024 Registration and Fees
$300 nonrefundable fee per student, due at the time of registration.
A $300, partially refundable, deposit is due in July with the first month's tuition. If withdrawal occurs prior to the December break the family will get a $150 refund. If withdrawal occurs after the December break there will be no refund. For those that stay, the $300 can be applied to tuition.
2023-2024 Tuition Rates
Number of Classes Tuition Cost
2 $1,670
3 $2,380
4 $3,093
5 $3,807
6 $4,498