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High School

Helping High School Students Reach Their Full God Given Potential
Our homeschool community has grown, and Oak Grove is eager to support the education of high school homeschooled students and to help prepare them for success after graduation. Classes will be available for 9th and 10th grade, per-course, or full curriculum enrollment. We are excited about our vision and plans for High School at Oak Grove.
Oak Grove Homeschool Cooperative is a collection of homeschooling parents who have organized in a cooperative homeschool model through which we hire teachers. This partnership assists and enhances homeschool students’ educational experience by providing a social and classroom environment. The model combines the experience of professional educators and group learning with the flexibility and individual attention of homeschooling.
High School at Oak Grove will include academically robust courses taught from a Christian worldview to serve people from all backgrounds. Oak Grove provides an environment of support, encouragement, and opportunities to like-minded families who have chosen to educate their children at home.
High School Distinctives
  • Highly qualified professional teachers
  • University style option for class
  • Chapel services twice a month
  • Student government
  • Community service
  • Yearbook
Classroom Days
Mon/ Oak Grove
7:55 AM – Doors Open
8:10-9:05 – First Block
9:10-10:05 – Second Block
10:10-11:30 – Third Block
11:30-12:15 – Lunch
12:15-1:10 – Fourth Block
1:15-2:10 – Fifth Block
At Home Days
Tue., Thur., Fri. at Home
Parents will support students through instruction and accountability as they follow a paced syllabus that continues the education provided on classroom days.
Chapel Days at Oak Grove
Two class days per month will be adjusted to accommodate a chapel schedule.
Classes on Monday and Wednesday
Oak Grove High School Schedule 2021/2022 - Monday/Wednesday
        ASL I (9:30-10:25) ASL II  (10:30-11:25) Lunch                (11:25-12:15) Algebra II (12:15-1:10)      
Chemistry (8:10-9:25) US History (9:30-10:25) Spanish II (10:30-11:25) Geometry (12:15-1:10) American Lit & Comp (1:15-2:10)
English I (8:10-9:05) Biology  (9:10-10:25) Algebra I (10:30-11:25) Spanish I (12:15-1:10) World History (1:15-2:10)
Students may register for one, two, three, four, or five classes. Class times and availability are subject to change based on enrollment.  
High School Tuition for 2021-2022
1 Class-     $804/year
2 Classes- $1,500/year
3 Classes- $2,143/year
4 Classes- $2,786/year
5 Classes- $3,428/year