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Our Partnership

Oak Grove Homeschool Cooperative is a collection of home-schooling parents organized in a cooperative home-school model through which we hire tutors/teachers. This partnership assists and enhances our children’s educational experience by providing our children a social and classroom environment. The model combines the experience of professional educators and group learning with the flexibility and individual attention of homeschooling.

Our Story

Our homeschool cooperative met at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church for 10 years as part of the church’s Weekday School, but we outgrew the available space there. To allow for the growth of our cooperative, we moved to our new location at Cokesbury Church, South Campus. We are excited about the opportunity this provides our cooperative to reach its next stage of maturity.

Our Programs

At Oak Groveparents and teachers share the responsibility of teaching the students.  Although parents are ultimately responsible, they have the benefit of partnering with professional educators. Each family must register with an umbrella school of their choice and keep official records in accordance with the policies of the umbrella school. Tennessee state law requires instruction to occur four hours each day, five days per week, for 180 days per school year.

For the 2016-2017 year, the Co-op provides two programs, each with a similar syllabus and teaching style:

  • The “Red” Monday, Wednesday, and Friday option provides three days of classroom instruction while children are taught at home the remaining two weekdays.
  • The “Blue” Tuesday and Thursday option provides two days of classroom instruction while children are taught at home the remaining three weekdays.

For the 2017-2018 year, we are preparing the following program improvements:

  • Separating Grade Levels. If enrollment allows, we think separating our grade levels in the earlier grades (through 4th grade) will help us to improve our classes in many ways and safeguard what we offer as well as allow us to welcome new families. We are making plans in this direction, but the final decision will be based on our enrollment numbers.
  • Adjusted Program Offerings. For 2017-2018, we will have two, 2 day programs available (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday). There is also a third day core option available on Friday mornings. This makes it possible for families to select a 2.5-day program if they wish. For example, students could attend all day on Monday and Wednesday, plus a half day on Friday.
  • Friday Electives: In 2017-2018, Oak Grove will offer elective classes on Friday afternoons. Families may register for their choice of proposed classes such as Art, Theater, Magic School Bus Science, Choir, Self-Defense, Lego Building, Computer Coding, Latin, Spanish, and others.

Tuition and Fees

Oak Grove provides an environment of support, encouragement, and opportunities to like-minded families who have chosen to educate their children at home.  Our program includes a paced syllabus, in-class instruction, field trips, student photos, yearbook, and extra-curricular activities.

Our goal is to make Oak Grove as affordable as possible. Families are responsible to pay a registration fee, purchase yearly curriculum, and for the tuition costs. Tuition and fees for the 2017-2018 year are as follows:

Core Co-Op Offerings Cost
Registration Fee for Core Classes $125 per student
2 Day Co-Op (MW or TR) $2,520 per year
2.5 Day Co-Op (MW plus F or TR plus F) $3,180 per year
Friday Elective Offerings (Co-Op Student Rates)  
Elective Registration Fee $25 per student
Friday Afternoon Electives $330 per semester
Friday Elective Offerings (Community-wide Rates)  
Elective Registration Fee $40 per student
Friday Afternoon Electives $450 per semester


A sibling discount of 10% is applied for multiple children from the same family in the Co-op.

Grade Offerings

In 2017-2018, we are planning to offer classes from Transitional Kindergarten through 8th Grade. As mentioned above, our goal is to offer separate grade levels through 4th grade. Depending on enrollment, however, grades may be combined. New student acceptance to each class will be contingent upon an evaluation by a co-op teacher or designated staff or, if applicable, a recommendation from a previous teacher.

Oak Grove Homeschool Co-op Kindergarten Offerings

Because each child is unique in academic, physical, social, and emotional development, we offer a two-level kindergarten class to help each family meet the developmental needs of their child. We want to provide homeschool families with a kindergarten co-op that emphasizes learning through play and hands-on activities and values the development of the whole child. We want our children to have a fun and engaging introduction to school that will build a great foundation for their love of learning throughout elementary school and beyond.

The Transitional Kindergarten (TK) class is a gently-paced springboard into reading and math skills. Students in this class will do developmentally appropriate curriculum at school and at home with lots of opportunity for classroom and home-based art, music, social studies, and science enrichment. In their second year, students in TK would advance to our accelerated Kindergarten (K) class to further build their foundation in reading, phonics, writing, and math skills (as well as benefiting from a second year of classroom and home-based enrichment with a continued emphasis on learning through play). To be eligible for application to the TK class, your child must have turned 4 years old by December 15, 2016. (Exceptions to the age rule may be approved on a case by case basis if the child is assessed as ready for TK by a co-op teacher or designated staff.)

Our accelerated Kindergarten (K) class is for children ready to jump directly into reading three letter words and will follow a one-year pace for developing the phonics and math skills necessary to enter 1st grade in the co-op. It is based on the curriculum plan we follow currently in our kindergarten offering. This class will follow an advanced kindergarten curriculum at home and at school while maintaining an emphasis on learning through play and hands-on activities. With this option, we offer homeschool families a kindergarten with accelerated academics as well as classroom and home-based art, music, social studies, and science enrichment. To be eligible for application to the K class, your child must be registered with a homeschool umbrella and be 5 by August 15th.

Our Invitation to You

We are proud of our Co-op and what it has become over the last decade and are excited about our future in our new location and beyond. Above all else, we hope you find the right fit for your family, whether it is with us or somewhere else and would love to provide any additional information that you need. Feel free to contact us by calling 865-219-3017 or emailing

Best wishes,

The Oak Grove Homeschool Cooperative Board

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